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Tree Services in Oxford, GA

Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down, the stump left behind can be an eyesore and get in the way. Our stump grinding service takes care of that by using special machines to grind the stump down into the ground. 

This means you won’t even know it was there, leaving your yard looking neat and tidy. Plus, it opens up space so you can plant something new, set up a picnic area, or just enjoy the extra open space in your garden.

Tree Root Removal

Big tree roots can sometimes cause trouble, like lifting up sidewalks, getting into pipes, or pushing against your house’s foundation. We handle these problems by carefully removing the roots that are causing issues. 

Our goal is to fix the problem without harming the tree or your property, making sure everything stays safe and looks good. It’s a delicate job, but we know how to do it right.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is like giving your trees a healthy makeover. It involves cutting away branches that are too long, dead, or could break off and cause damage, especially during storms. 

This not only makes your trees look better but also helps them grow strong and healthy. Regular trimming can prevent problems before they start, keeping your yard safe and your trees happy.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed, whether it’s because it’s sick, it’s in a dangerous spot, or you’re planning changes to your landscaping. Removing a tree is a big job, and it’s important to do it carefully to avoid damage to your property or nearby plants. 

We use the right tools and techniques to take down trees safely, no matter how big or tricky the job might be. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is all about keeping your trees healthy and looking their best. It’s a bit like pruning, but it focuses more on the health of the tree. We remove parts of the tree that could be harmful, like branches that are dead or diseased. 

This helps the tree grow stronger and stay healthy. It’s a great way to take care of your trees, ensuring they add beauty and shade to your yard for a long time.

Emergency Tree Service

Trees can sometimes cause unexpected problems, like falling over during a storm or dropping large branches. That’s where our emergency tree service comes in. 

We’re available all the time, day or night, to help you when you need it most. We can quickly come to your place, assess the situation, and take care of the problem to keep you and your property safe. Whether it’s after a storm or any other emergency, we’re here to help right away.

Why Choose Us?

At Above All Trees, we understand that those tree problems can be a major eyesore and obstacle in your garden or yard. Our team of skilled arborists is here to help you regain the full potential of your property.

About Our Company

With 30+ years of experience serving Greater Atlanta Metro area, Above All Trees keep your property looking and functioning beautifully. Our tree technicians are all trained, certified professionals and our company is licensed and insured with the state of Georgia.

We are a family-run business that has a built its reputation on harwork, value and professional service. Call us today and see why more East Atlanta residents trust their most demanding tree service needs to Above All Trees of Conyers, GA.

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Thomas South
Thomas South
On time, courteous, friendly. Cleaned up promptly, and could not even tell they were there. A+++
Linton Jordan
Linton Jordan
Awesome people
Case Manager
Case Manager
I cannot say enough good about Above All. Chan and the crew were here first thing this morning to clean up two trees that fell last night in the storm. They were quick and thorough. I so appreciate the professionalism and speed of service! Thank you guys!
Ramona Vance
Ramona Vance
Everyone is very nice and helpful and friendly. Always recommend them for tree service.
Kim Carpenter
Kim Carpenter
These guys know their stuff! I had 2 trees in my house. They removed them by crane so as not to do more damage. It was removed, moved, and chipped. The crew were very professional. I highly recommend them!! I used them about 13 years ago to remove some live oaks too. Plucked them out like a eyebrow.
Latarsha Simpson
Latarsha Simpson
Shoutout to the team who removed the trees in my backyard this morning. They were very professional and got the job done. Also shoutout to Mark, who was with me throughout the whole process. Great job everyone.

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